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sunny 33 °C

I can bearly sit on the seat, I burned my bum so bad in the sun today (with factor 50 on aswell)!! Anyway, back-track a bit...

Tuesday: Me and Alex decided to go to Singapore Botanical Gardens, which was good, but so hot we didn't last long! We saw a massive lizard which I think might have been a Bearded Dragon, it was just wondering around the gardens! Then that night we went to the Night Safari! Absolutely amazing! You sit on a tram, and they take you around a track with different wildlife on each side that you have to look out for (kind of like Jurassic Park, minus the dinosaurs). We saw tigers, leopards, elephants, hippos and loads more! And at specific points you could get off the tram and follow paths to see the animals closer up from view points. We also walked through a bat cave, which was amazing! The little bats were flying around and eating bananas so close you could touch them, and then some massive bats were just hanging from branches! It was just incredible!

Wednesday: It was really sad saying good bye to my aunt and cousins, but the weather in Phuket looked good and so rather than spend money on a new flight we decided to just get the one we'd booked. Arriving to clear blue skies really put our minds at rest about the flooding. Phuklet really hasn't been affected at all! As soon as you walk out from baggage collection you get harassed by taxi drivers trying to make you spend between 1000-2000 Baht on a journey. Luckily we spotted the minivan service charging only 180 Baht, so off we went to our hostel (we pre-booked from Singapore just to save time wondering around in the heat). The hostel is ok. We're in Seabreeze Inn, clean and safe, and relatively cheap. Very close to the beach too! All we really did was have a wonder around to get our bearings, and then go out for dinner late last night. We decided to go for drinks too, and sat at the "Cocktails and Dreams" pink VW van. Stupidly got a bucket size cocktail to share, which was very strong!! I can now see why Phuket is a place you either love or hate. We went to a bar that was just full of sleezey old men groping young Thai women, it was disgusting, so left pretty quickly! There isn't much of a youth nightlife on Phuket, more for the older gentlemen!

Thursday: Today we decided to have a lazy day after rushing about non-stop since getting to Singapore. Went and lay on the beach for ages. The sea it amazing, so clear you can see your feet when the waters up to your neck still, and so warm! We stayed on the beach for hours. Being very good, putting on factor 50, and yet I am burned so bad on my bum, feet, legs, and back! Not cool!!
We're currently on the PCs in an internet cafe to find something to do tomorrow, and then to see what the weather is like on Ko Phi Phi Island, as I really wouldn't mind spending all next week there!
I've also learned how to haggle! Luckily Alex told me that they expect you to haggle in shops and for taxis. We've been practicing on small stuff like beach towels, and hair stuff etc. I think we're getting better :p not too sure though!

Anyway, I guess I'd better start looking at Phi Phi weather! Hope everyone back home is ok!

Rach xx

(PS now have Thai sim card so number has changed again, sorry)

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Finally here

semi-overcast 29 °C

After a 24 hour journey we're finally here! The flight was made bearable by Sri Lankan Airlines. We had little personal TV screens to watch movies or play games on, and had a menu to chose food from, pillows and blankets etc. we were well looked after! Stopped in Colombo for about 6 hours, wondered around the airport a bit, before getting back on a plane to Singapore. Saw lots of groups of cricketers all going to Sri Lanka!

Arrived here yesterday and got a taxi to my aunts flat. Dropped off our things and went straight down to their apartment swimming pools, before going out for dinner! We hardly even dozed for the whole journey, so we pretty much passed out at 9pm last night, but then woke up later and couldn't get back to sleep for a while. Ended up watching a big lightening and thunder storm!

I eventually dragged us out of bed at 10am this morning, trying to kick the jet lag! We went for a swim and chilled out in the jacuzzi for about an hour before deciding to venture out and explore the city. Singapore has a very similar Oyster card system to London, so we got a bus to Chinatown and then the MRT (underground) to Little India. Chinatown had the strangest things on the menu, but amazing market stalls. We bought some strange "sweets" in Little India that I think are an acquired taste!

Went swimming with the boys again when we got home before dinner, and then played monopoly with them! They're currently running around the flat because they don't want to go to bed! Its been so good seeing my aunt and cousins again, its going to be sad if we decide to go to Phuket so soon! The weather seems to have cleared up there a bit, and we do want to go, but we're both enjoying Singapore so much we might see if we cant change our flight date. It feels like were on a 5 star holiday at the moment!!

Anyway, the only other plan we have at the moment is to go to Singapore Zoo to do the Night Safari! Missing everyone back home!!

Rach xx

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Thailand soon!

Change of plans

Not long now! We leave in two days, flying to Singapore on Saturday morning, don't arrive untill Sunday afternoon!!
Due to all the flooding that has happened in the south of Thailand it looks like we might be staying in Singapore a bit longer than planned. Once we know where is safest to go to avoid the flooding we'll set off, maybe even go through some of Malaysia first, or just skip the south and head up to Chiang Mai! Might end up being more of a cultural trip than a sunbathing trip :)

Anyway, I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible, put some pics up along the way so you can see what we're up to!!


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Plans for 2011

Thailand and South Africa

Plans are well under way for this year :) flights booked, had my first lot of jabs today (Typhoid hurt), and starting to thing of medical/first aid essentials!
Thailand is first on the list: beginning of April, myself and friend are travelling to Singapore for a few days to visit my aunt before travelling into Thailand. So far the route starts off in Phuket, down to the islands such as Ko Phi Phi and then across to Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao. Then we're hoping to go up to Chiang Mai to visit the elephant sanctuary and see the temples before going down to Bangkok for the last few days before the flight home! I cant wait! Its going to be the most hectic month ever!
Next on the list is South Africa: flying to Johannesburg late June to visit family for a week before going to Port Elizabeth to work on a Wildlife Reserve for 6 weeks! Hopefully going to get my FGASA Level 1 qualification and learn everything there is to know about South African wildlife :) this year is going to be amazing!

I am so scared, but at the same time really excited about it all :) it should be an amazing experience!
Hoping to update any plans, routes, and info etc on here before Thailand, to see if anyone else will be around the same time as us!


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